Mission and Vision

The Florida Network of Arts Administrators embraces the skill and expertise of all administrators while promoting local, state, and national discourse intended to advance instruction in the arts.

  • Collegial Articulation - Fostering the exchange of ideas and areas of expertise between administrators through collaborations, conferences, and other networking resources.


  • Interdisciplinary Teaching - Promoting instructional practices that incorporate arts instruction in multiple disciplines, while continuing to research effective teaching practices.


  • Partnerships - Through partnerships inclusive of government agencies, public institutions K- post secondary, the FNAA will foster synergistic and creative programs in order to meet the needs of a diverse population.


  • Advocacy - Through collaborative efforts in the Florida Network of Arts Administrators, members will advocate locally and statewide for measures supporting arts education.


  • Accountability - As administrators, embrace the responsibility we have within our schools to ensure the impact of the arts in our community, both socially and culturally


  • Achievement - Recognize outstanding and innovative achievement to administration as it relates to the arts.


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